Never let it be said that San Diego Comic-Con doesn't learn from it's mistakes. Two years ago when the "Twilight" brain-trust peddled their unique blend of Mormon propaganda and Hot Topic "Baby's first fishnets" sensibilities to Comic-Con's Hall H, Comic-Con organizers were clearly unprepared for what followed. This is just about when the "Twilight problem" was reaching pandemic proportions and as a result. the line to get into Friday afternoon's panel started on WEDNESDAY. Because of this the whole thing was, more or less, ruined. These Twi-tards of which I speak are not the most gracious of guests. For one thing, they scream. They scream a lot. People are trying to have an intelligent conversation about wether or not the USS Reliant can beat the USS Excelsior and they don't want someone around them acting all obsessive and weird. Also, because of the crowd of feeble young girls and their feeble-minded mothers, the rest of the Hall H events were rendered inaccessible. "Sorry Sir, you can't get into toe Tron panel because your seat is being occupied by a yawning ten year old with a promise ring who's waiting to scream at her idols and couldn't care less about the thing you drive hundreds of miles for". You don't get in the way of geeks and their obsessions, you just don't.
     Comic-Con just released their schedule for Thursday's programming and they made the Twilight panel the very first thing on the very first day in Hall H. This is the best thing that they could possibly do, other than not having them there at all, or putting strychnine in the Hall H water fountains during the panel. They'll come, they'll see, they'll scream, they'll scream, they'll scream and they'll leave. The locust swarm will subside. The geek nation will begin to heal. 
"I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the Wookie win".