As a big fan of writer/director/producer/editor/composer/DP/production designer/set decorator John S. Rad's magnum opus, 2005's "Dangerous Men", I decided that I would check out the film's preview on youtube again.
     I am so very glad that I did because it turns out that typing "Dangerous Men" into your Youtube search bar yields exciting results than I would have ever thought possible. 

Firstly, you get the preview for one of the greatest films ever made:
After you're done basking in that glory, you ALSO get a preview for an awesome looking Nigerian action-thriller of the same name: 

Well, it's nice to know that all those tens of thousands of dollars I have been sending over there via email so my Nigerian Prince 2nd cousin's lawyer can get his millions out of the bank have not gone to waste. He should have just told me that he was making a movie. 

All this AND you get a crazy old yutz babbling antiquated child-rearing theories where he equates masculinity with pointless violence.
Man, what a treasure trove. It's like opening the Ark of the Covenant and finding three Nazi-face-melting lights instead of one.

I have a funny feeling this weekend is all downhill from here. How can it not be?