So, the other day I came across this video:
     I need other peoples opinions about something:
Is this woman real, or is this some kind of skit? 
     Over the years, I have realized that any of my attempts to gauge hip-hop culture and if the people in it are trying to be serious are completely useless. I think there was briefly a time in my impressionable youth where I was able to deal with raps ridiculous trends without so much as a snicker. Then Kris Kross and Cypress Hill came around and what was trying to be real and what was trying to be parody were suddenly totally indistinguishable to me. Rapping Canadian children with their clothes backwards? Rappers who sound like they have head colds and are in desperate need of antihistamines? I don't even know where I am anymore. Up is down and black is white (well, black is NOT white. That the one thing you can always tell about rappers). Still, that section of my brain shut down permanently and is not reopening any time soon.
     So, if anyone can help me out with this, please let me know. I'd do some research on this myself, but anything I would do would involve going to either hip hop or bad comedy sites, neither of which I like to do. I mean, it feels fake in a "Fast and Furious" kind of way and it feels too staged, what with the honkey texting behind her and all. Plus, lord knows both what she's saying and the way she's saying it are so ridiculous that it is an insult to other ridiculous things to compare her to them. Still, I've thought that in the past only to find out that the people I thought I was laughing with were actually the people I was laughing at.
     So, what's the deal? I know it's funny and all, but is it funny like this:
Or funny like this:
Oh, Hurricane Chris, I miss you so.