Personally, I'm really excited about this remake of John Carpenter's "The Thing" that is opening tomorrow. Do you know what aspect of the original I've never liked and have always thought could be improved by modern actors, writers and GC effects?
     There is no part of the 1982 version of that film that can be improved on. The Howard Hawks version from 1951 COULD be improved on, which is why they, well, improved it. The 1982 version is a perfect example of passionate, talented filmmakers making something so wonderfully timeless that if will remain a classic forever. I have nothing personal against this new version, but watch this scene below and tell me that something is missing from this that modern, computer effects can improve on. 

     It's probably for the best that I don't want to see it. This way, I can spend more time seeing "Drive". I'm a bit embarrassed by the fact that I've only seen it twice. That's not nearly enough times to see what is clearly the best film of the decade.

     I'm not totally sure when or how this post became an advertisement for "Drive', but there you go. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sleep, while visions of awesome scorpion adorned jackets dance