I know very little about the man that took an AK-47 into an IHOP in Carson City, Nevada a few days ago, killing 5 people and wounding 7 others. I know that several of the dead were National Guardsmen and will be sorely missed. I also know that imbalanced grocery store workers should not, in any society that does not suffer from a Zombie outbreak or evil Cyborg invasion, be allowed to so much as own a picture of an AK-47, let alone a real one. There are plenty of other ways of overcompensating for your lack of manhood. If your small penis is really bothering you that much, just pay a hooker enough and she'll lie to you about it, I promise. 
     Speaking of dicks, there is one other thing I know about this entire sad affair.
Here is a picture of Eduardo Sencion, the now deceased shooter:  
     This is a picture of gravel-voiced Fox News host and all-around douchebag Neil Cavuto:
    Seems to me that someone is taking this whole "Class warfare" thing a bit too seriously, wouldn't you say?
Still, you've got to admire a guy who can still shoot without his glasses.