I'm really sick at the moment and thought, in an effort to feel better, that I'd take my nasal drippings over to Jamba Juice and get myself a "Coldbuster" smoothie. Time slows down to a crawl when you are sick and are doing anything you don't want to do. TIme also slows down when you're waiting in line. Also, for me, time slows even more when people around me are speaking in a language I don't understand. Call it xenophobia if you will, but it's the truth. So, in front of me on line at Jamba Juice was a group of Hasidic Jews who, rather than ordering, seemed to be having a very deep, philosophical conversation about something very involved while occasionally holding up a single finger at the poor Asian dude who was practically begging them to take their order. They completely ignored me, Mr. Sniffles, standing directly behind them, as well as all of he other people on line. I'm pretty sure that they had never even heard of fruit before, thats the only possible excuse for taking as long as they did before all ordering the same thing. 
     If it hadn't been for the fact that I never saw the sun go down and that my phone still has charge, I'd swear that this entire exchange took somewhere between seventy-five and ninety hours. 
     I think I'll go watch "Schindler's List'. It"ll cheer me up.