The Sam Kinison impersonator wearing the lime green bed-sheet is named Kinde Durkee. She's a Burbank-based Democratic Campaign Treasurer. 
... She's also a total crook.
    Being in control of over 400 separate accounts from such prominent Democrats as Diane Feinstein and Loretta Sanchez was clearly too much green for her to withstand. Incidentally, this photo of her has too much green for ME to withstand, but I digress.
     At some point, she began to use these accounts to pay off her credit cards, her mortgage, her trips to Costco and the like. She was arrested for these crimes earlier this month and the charges against her are being compiled. This whole thing really annoys me for several reasons. Mainly because, as delusional as it sounds, I've always thought that one of the only things that Democrats have going for them is their decreased number of people who are so money hungry that they are willing to screw over their fellow man to get it. That is money that was supposed to be used to keep sissy, ineffectual Democrats in power so that they can shuffle their feet and give long-winded, mediocre speeches before capitulating and giving the Republicans everything they want. That money was not meant to be wasted on food and housing, lady. Get with it. 
     I guess there's the possibility that Kinde Durkee has actually just been a republican operative this whole time and has been bringing down the entire organization from the inside. Lord knows that's not something that they are too classy for. If so, then I've got to admit that she's pretty awesome. I've said it many times before: I hate stupid, but I respect evil. 
     The main lesson to take away form all of this is simple: Never trust your money to someone named Kinde Durkee. It's just too ridiculous a name to be left in charge of anything other than a whimsical children's field trip or, possibly, a Teacup ride at Disneyland. 
    Finally, and worst of all, with that last name to throw around over a Fox News, they officially have every sound bit they need to string together to make their entire station sound like this all day: