My day started out with a productive trip to the gym. When I got home I had a nice bowl of whole wheat cereal with rice milk and a cup of coffee. I had a nice cup of fruit for lunch and some water. All in all, I was well on my way to a rare day of victory in what is clearly a lost war on calories. 
     I was experiencing a strange feeling that I had completely forgotten about. I believe you normals refer to it as "Pride".

<--- Then this happened. 

     For anyone who is not quite sure what they are looking at, please allow me to explain. This is a Kogi burrito called the "K-Oki Dog". It's a burrito filled to it's maximum potential with short rib, pastrami, a hot dog, cheese, salsa roja, caramelized onions and kimchi. 
It is my new master.
You should all consider yourselves lucky it did not tell me to kill you all, because I'd slice all of your necks without pause just to be in it's presence again. 
My point is that this particular item took me by the balls and ended my day of healthy eating in one swift stroke.
I was left defenseless, rudderless, adrift in a sea of greasy deliciousness.
Later in the evening, I would eat several pieces of fried zucchini and finish my night with a strawberry shake.

Now if you'll excuse me, this is one hydrogen (and meat and cheese)-filled zeppelin that has hit the power lines. I'm going to crash now.

Oh, the humanity!