The more I hear about soccer in the US, the more I think that being really into it is like wearing a speedo on the beach. If you're from Europe or South America and it's part of you're culture, go nuts. It's part of who you are and when it happens, we'll all do everything we can to not snicker at you behind your back, which is especially difficult considering the view from the back.
     If you're an American, however, you are just trying to get the attention of the rest of us. We get it, you're different. Really, that's great. Now take your pet ferret or pot-bellied pig or whatever, hop on your recumbent bicycle and vegan yourself out of here.....
..... I've got steak and donuts to eat and beer to drink. Plus, the Giant's game is on. Got to watch some football. 

You know, good, old-fashioned American, heterosexual FOOTBALL.