You know who's an asshole hipster? That guy with the glasses.

     I don't get it. 
     If Sunset Junction owes money to the county, why don't they just ask their parents for it? Isn't that how that whole part of the city works? That's what you're supposed to do when money becomes too little to get by on and your debts are getting to be too much to allow you to keep drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and wearing flannel shirts every day. You go to your Dad, the Litigator or Obstetrician or Studio Exec or something and ask him for a couple of bucks to keep gas in the Prius (or Volvo, whichever the case may be). Plus, now you have the time to finish that conceptual album. You know, the one that's kind of a mixture Elliot Smith and whatever artist from the 70's you just got into, probably Captain Beefheart. 
     Come on, Silver Lake, you've got a rep as the rootinist', tootinist', straight-shootinist group of whiny, trust-fund hipsters this side of Williamsburg. If you can't use your powers of self-entitlement and post-modernism to pull together something at the last minute that will appease the great unwashed (Actually, washed with lots of expensive, organic products, but then carefully disheveled) masses, then what good are you? Huh? Where are Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigney supposed to go to feel like royalty? Where can I go to get my fill of Jewish guys with afros? Where are the groups of people who laugh with each other about "The Human Centipede" while, secretly, none of them have actually seen it, to commiserate?
     At this point, I feel a need to write Bon Iver...
Bon Iver.
     There, now I'm done. 
Good riddance, Sunset Junction. Don't let the mud flaps from the Kogi Taco truck hit you on the back of your skinny jeans on the way out. By the way, where'd you get those? They are SOOO cool. My friend has a pair like that. He's a bassist.