If I had even the slightest financial security and ability to draw I would take all of my money and invest it in a tattoo parlor that did nothing but put awful, unflattering tattoos on women's breasts.
The shop's name: 

Anyone want to stake me a couple of bucks? If you don't think that this is a popular idea, clearly you and I are not hanging out at the same clubs on Saturday nights. All I seem to see these days are girls who have made the deliberate decision to take a part of themselves that needed absolutely no embellishment and proceed to embellish the ever-loving hell out of it. Do you think that we're not already staring at your cleavage enough? If that is the case, I can assure you, we are. We really, really are. If I were to see a pie chart of my entire life with a visible slice noting the percentage spent staring at women's breasts I'm pretty sure that I'd have no choice but to jump off of a moderately tall building. Shame can be a powerful weapon.
     Of course, maybe that's the idea behind the whole trend. Perhaps women are getting this done to decrease men's interest in staring at their bosoms be detracting from their pleasing aesthetic. Something to the effect of "These scumbag men won't stop staring at my boobs. What to do, what to do?..."
 "WAIT, I've got an idea." 
"Well, how about now?" 
Is that the reason? You can tell me ladies. After all, I am a doctor.