I laugh at Fox News all the time. When I watch it, I almost never stop laughing. I honestly never knew that I liked sexist, racist, ignorant humor as much as I seem to and those guys do it better than anyone.
     Anyway, this happened recently on Fox and I felt a need to share it. It's important because it is probably the only time that I will actually be laughing WITH Fox News and not AT them. 
Well done, Mr. Levy.
    Be they Republican or Democrat, black or white, straight or gay, there is one thing that all educated people can agree on:
Chris Brown and his "Team Breezy" are truly the pond scum on the gene pool of humanity. They collect much of the grime, dirt and crap, leaving the rest free for intelligent life to thrive. We really should be thanking them, I guess. Without them, after all, the rest of us would certainly be dumber.