I am a huge fan of Netflix. In particular, I am a huge fan of Netflix streaming. This is a service which allows you to watch thousands of films instantly on your internet enabled television merely by pressing a few buttons. When I was a wee lad growing up in Brooklyn I am pretty sure that I literally dreamed something like this would eventually be a reality, and if I didn't, it's because it would have been too amazing a thing for me to even dream about. 
     Despite this, Netflix streaming is not perfect. Sometimes things are a bit slow to load, the variety can be a little odd and there  can be some wild variation in the picture quality (and actual quality) of the individual films. However, these really are small prices to pay for something that, as a whole, is pretty wonderful.
     There is, dear reader, one other major drawback to Netflix streaming.
     The way that the site works is that you look through the lists and choose stuff to add into your queue, much like buying physical DVDs. Once you've got them in your possession, they're yours, right?
     Due to the amount of space that all of this audio and video takes up, Netflix will, seemingly arbitrarily, get rid of movies. I don't know if it has something to do with traffic, use numbers, rights or contracts, but this is something that happens. It's like you have a stoner roommate who occasionally, without much of a warning, takes some of your DVDs over to his buddies house, never to be seen again. It all feels so very temporary. 
     Now, when I said without MUCH warning, there is a reason for it. If you go to a specific movie and look closely at the bottom of the screen, it will tell you if a movie is going away and the date that it is doing so. If this film that is going away is one that you love, it feels a bit like knowing the date of your imminent execution.  After a thorough examination of the films which are expiring at the end of the month I discovered several and, armed with this information, made a decision that  speaks volumes as to what is wrong with me as a person. Here are the films that I found out are to go away sooner, rather than later:

Stanley Kubrick's final true masterpiece, the unfathomably brilliant "A Clockwork Orange".

Peter Jackson's haunting and accomplished "Heavenly Creatures".

William Friedkin's masterful and authentically horrifying standard-setter "The Exorcist".

Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Studio's "Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie". A movie that features Ron Jeremy as "Mayor Goldberg" and Al Goldstein in the role of "Mayor's Press Secretary". 

Guess which one of these four films I voluntarily decided to watch?
Here's a none-too-subtle hint: 
Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?