I'm sure that you all know what SOPA is by now, right? 
If you don't, it's the "Stop Online Piracy Act". No matter how good people get at creating both names and acronyms for laws that they are trying to push through, sometimes they still can't get them passed without people taking notice of the horrible things that they actually do. Another recent example was "Citizens United", which was approved and put into law by the Supreme Court. It's got an nice, almost philanthropic name, does it not? Yeah, well it's a horrible law that says that corporations are legally considered people and, hence, legally allowed to put as much money as they want into any political campaign as they want. As a result, you're going to see lots and lots and lots of money spent this election season on candidates for all of the wrong reasons. Be on the lookout for that, won't you? My rule of thumb is probably just going to be to vote for the candidate with the least advertising, because, chances are, they are the less beholden to corporate masters.

Anyway, SOPA. 

Stopping internet piracy is what it claims to want to do. Does it do what it says?
Not even close.
     It's essentially just a power grab which would severely limit all of our abilities to proverbially surf the interwebs and find fun stuff to inform, entertain and, generally, forget about all of the painful things in life that are completely unrelated to the internet. As as result of this, several major websites are protesting today by shutting down for a 24 hour period. The most important one to me is Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia. Despite the fact that it can occasionally be riddles with inaccuracies, it is very useful for someone like me, who is more than willing to turn hearsay and conjecture into fact if I feel that it helps shape my agenda into something more palpable for others. 
     WIth this in mind, I urge you all to do two things. 
1.) Write, call and get involved in finding out about laws like this to help make sure that they don't go by unnoticed.
2.) Feel free to write me personally in the meantime with any general knowledge questions that you might have about anything.  I am a full-fledged college graduate and, though not fully proficient in all areas, can probably give you the gist of whatever subject you are interested in. Seriously, I'm here for you. Just lay a question on me of any kind and I will do my darndest to answer it to the best of my ability. 

After all, isn't people helping people what the internet is for? 


05/06/2014 9:17am

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It's not so easy to make people follow laws and stop coping and stealing music, movies and other things. The reason hides in their habit to do it and they can't imagine life without it. Only good education and good upbringing allow to change something.


Well, I would say that The SOPA is a short form of the Stop Online Piracy Act. Its main goals are "scoundrel" overseas websites similar to The Pirate Bay torrent hubs, which are a huge collection of illegal, download.

10/09/2015 3:10am

The SOPA act is designed to develop the ability of United States of America. I think this internet privacy matter in our life because everything is now connected with the internet.

01/04/2016 2:18pm

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03/17/2016 7:58pm

Yeah, well it's a horrible law that says that corporations are legally considered people and, hence.


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