Finally saw "Shame" today. Fantastic film. However, I had been mislead by critics and friends. I had been lead to believe that it was the morose tale of a deeply disturbed loner whose traumatic upbringing lead him into an obsessive life of meaningless and degrading sexual encounters which merely postpone his self-loathing, eventually leaving him with even less of a soul than he already had. 
What I actually saw was an inspiring film about the most awesome dude ever living a kick-ass life on the singles scene in NYC. Finally, a relatable male role model for my generation.
Stay frosty, Magneto. You are my co-pilot.


03/05/2014 5:06am

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05/17/2014 12:51am

I tremendously enjoy watching him on the screen. Michael Fassbender relays raw emotion and true passion to create believable and relatable characters. Im looking forward to future projects.


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08/05/2015 1:43pm

It looks like an adult movie. Anyways the story you are telling is appealing and it raises my interest of watching this movie too. I like your blog, here I found all the knowledge of old movies I want. Get a fine and professional article from and save your time.

08/22/2015 8:40am

It is fantastic film! totaly agree with you


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