I get a lot of emails from Living Social about their special deals. However, I am a bit disturbed by the fact that about once a week for the last month, I have gotten one asking if I want a colon hydrotherapy session. They keep asking me and keep asking me and every time I say no.
     It's getting to the point where I am seriously expecting an email from them with a heading that reads:
"Come on. How about just the tip?"  
I think I might just let them. If I do, that means that they'll finally love me, right?


03/06/2014 3:06am

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10/15/2014 10:43pm

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06/25/2014 1:35am

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Some time I also face the same problem and receive the same emails from Living Social. It is annoying for me and don't know the exact reason behind this whole thing. Please put some more information about it because I want to resolve this issue.


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07/15/2014 11:11pm

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08/13/2015 2:58am

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